something left to say…

and if i should ever/quit yer spotlight,/i hope you won’t think me wrong./sez the poet/to the moonlight/sez the singer/to the song./it is enough,/ just to stay upright,/upright in every/single/way./pour yer love/into yer children/until there’s nothing left to say./pour yer love/into yer children/until there’s nothing left to say.

-ani d.

becoming a mother has been so…boggling. so shifting to the very core of Who I Am.  but i am slowly realizing that staying upright in all that i do – staying true to what feels honest and right to my soul and my heart and my intellect – is a creative act, in and of itself.  that mama-ing, in all of its utterly not-glamorous realities, is creation.  it is quiet.  it is mostly invisible to the outside world.  it has none of the self-involved excitement or drunkenness of the late night poetry slam, none of the magazine shine of well-edited photographs.  but it is me, creating.  and if, after all of the pouring of love – not to mention the butt wiping, the lullabye singing, the park and library ferrying – i should have something, anything, left to say-

here, is where i will say it.


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