by shadymama

4 marines were caught – shot – on a grainy cell phone video, unsheathing a second weapon (flesh, not steel) and pissing on the lifeless corpses of Other today.  the soothing british voice that is reason and NPR floated up from my stereo speakers, advising the 4 laughed “amongst themselves” after the deed was done, right after the shake and holstering of their other guns, and this — right as the peace talks were tilting and weaving, staggering to stand on two broken, battered legs.  and as i listen to the outrage of afghan people, the response of international reporters and – what i can’t Help but think of as a PhonedInResponse from the pentagon – i wonder why no one has mentioned —

isn’t this what happens when a war is fought by children?

that act smacks of adolescence, has the steaming scent of entitled immortality, i mean — does anyone, ever, piss on that they believe they could someday Be?  and i can guess what the freedom-isn’t-free-ers might say in riled, indignant, redwhiteandblue response.  some incarnation of a small number of Apples in a large, morally sound Barrel, but i’ll tell you –

sitting here in my false sense of separated, judgemental ire i am taking a moment to peer in a mirror and ask

could i possibly be a corpse pisser, too?

and the unflinchingly honest response i receive from my reflection is a resounding, undoubting

Yes.  Yes, You Certainly Are.

i am a citizen of a nation populated by eternal children; the of adolescence seeps thick and deep. we are entitled demi-gods of consumption, entitled to immortality in the form of far more than our fair share.  the corpses of those enslaved to uphold our air-conditioned, name brand, wasteland existence are piling up around us, we are knee deep waist deep neck deep in the rot, feel the urge, tug the fly and Let Loose, the whole lot of us, daily, with our Plastic and our Hummers and our Imported Walmart “Food”.   and i Want.To.Know

‘who are we, america, now our innocence is gone?’









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