an open letter to the sky; my (not-so-much) resolutions-

by shadymama

give me renewed peace, please.  faith deeper than a waterfall crashes and eyes that find beauty in alla the shards.  give me scope and a thirst, persistent and prickly, for truth.  help me to seek it.  help me to send down thick roots, gnarled and branching – to stretch toward the moon and the sun, to graze the cool heat of the stars with my fingertips.  help me to remember that

it is enough just to stay upright,

upright in every single way.

take me by the hand, place a cracked mirror facing my face and lead me to be the love i wish to see in the world.  let this family blossom.  keep us safe.  watch us, exploding, into beauty.






.blessed. is what we will be.