by shadymama

 lately?  i’ve been writing here

journal madness.

more than here.

the corner

and i’ve been making stuff that’s purty to look at

...so glad you were born.

for my mar(r).velous grrl

with this nifty thrifty score.




i’ve been making stuff that’s purty to hear with my lover and our gee-tars.

his is the shiny one.

and i’ve been sketching a bit, not to mention…


sending *someone* off to his first day of pre-school.



 there have been random pictures taken,







and a correspondence has been rekindled.

it may not look it, but? full.to.bursting.


fire has danced like it’s inspired,

white hot





 i am changing my perspective,

the lover snapped this moment.






very big? or very little? you decide.



and looking out the window of fast moving cars at a slow moving world.



there has been a slightly drunkened camping trip…

firewhiskey faces




…in which i caught the lover unawares.

you wouldn't know it, but he's nekkid from the waist down. i dunno - is that too much info?


there has been plenty of marvelling at miracles that are green and close to home,

mallow vs basket. it's looking pretty bad for the basket.



(purply prettiness.)

aaand mason jar vs bindweed (maybe?)

 (the greens will always win…)



 celebrating modest harvests and (still) green tomatoes,


(little helper)


(and only red one)

we have, ohhh, i don't know...16 *million* green tomatoes?

 (add the yellow and the green with some garlic and butter.  delicious.)

little harvest

 and baking some tasty and healthy muffins.



most of all, there has been time. and family. and love.



and, of course, some gazing at the sky.



how are you?