visual ta-doos aka photog dump…

by shadymama

ok.  here are some long.since.past.due sami ta-doo updates (cue trumpets):

garden –> growing

so.  all the lettuce did not die.  it is, in fact, un.dead.

zombie lettuce.

hooray!  and i’m so glad, cuz, delicious lettuce it is.  tomatoes are in the ground and growing – in fact, we had one ittybittylil guy pop up outta nowhere (boo) and as the lover and i were excitedly pointing and talking about it, lil bear flounced up, yanked it clean off and chucked it across the yard. 


the lover joked that we should go hunting for it and fry it up “fried green tomato style.”  this was hilarious because the thing was the size of a dime. 

i sure do love that funny funny man.

in other garden news, the peas are all tendril-y and HUGE, and i swear you could probably sit out there with a beer and some time and watch those suckers grow.  seriously.  i took this picture a week ago and they’ve already gained 6 inches or so.

peas. glorious reaching peas.

cilantro, dying (maybe) in the wind.

i’ve put some basil, some cilantro and some thyme in the ground as well.  the basil and thyme are rockin’.  the cilantro is slightly purple and had some little white flowers starting to sprout.  can anyone tell me if this means it is dying?  i think it is.  the lover disagrees.  here is a picture.  a diagnosis/prognosis/gnosis of any kind would be muchly appreciated.  and finally, my favorite:


spinach is SO GOOD.  it’s good for you, it tastes good, it’s pretty and it grows like a mofo.  i cannot get over the amazingness of homegrown spinach.  i love going out there in the afternoon and picking myself a little salad.  it’s also on turkey sandwiches.  i really really love my spinach.  like, a lot. 

first spinach harvest -- before.












i think the love affair stems from the fact that the spinach sprouted first, produced the most the quickest, and

most importantly,

didn’t die on me when everything else did.  god bless you, spinach.   

first spinach harvest -- during.

(there is no “first spinach harvest — after.” because we got excited.  and then ate it.)  so.  that’s the garden update in terms of things green and growing.  i still get humbled and ecstatic every day when i go out to water and weed – to steward these gorgeous, delicious things into existence is truly an honor and the lessons i’m learning about growth, patience, faith and myself are seemingly

e n d l e s s.


compost  bin –> animal proofedly composting

compost bin has been purchased and is being used with gusto and joy.  composting just feels so right.  i have my mama to thank fer that one, and thank her i do, for instilling in me the deep.down.desire to make me some dirt.  i was going to take a picture of my compost bin because it is big and black and ugly and the brochure that came with it urges you to “display your compost bin and be proud of its presence” (hell yeah), but i keep forgetting.  instead, here is the reason i bought a critter-proof bin instead of building my own:

shoddy cell picture of a bear. in the parking lot. of my work.

 ’nuff said.


lover marrying me –> will ask in october

self-satisfied in the garden.


more on this soon.

weekly recipe –> more like every 10 days-ish.  or something.

check these out: super delicious. extra special amazing delicious.

badass adventures of the month –> never turn out how i plan, but we rock ’em anyway

it's hard to be two.

why did nobody warn me about two?  oh, wait – you mean that’s what you mean by “the terrible twos”? 

consider my ass schooled.

course, every mama i lament to is all “oh.  yeah.  just wait until three, though.  it gets worse.”  and i’m like really?  really did you have to say that to me? 

the resounding answer is “yes.”

gah.  either way, two or two-five, we have ourselves a pretty good time.  our latest adventure was a trip to the fire station to see the trucks.  this was prefaced by a lot of nodding and excitement about “rah biels” (red automobiles), trailed by silent wide-eyed overwhelmedness when we arrived, followed by hysterical screaming and head shaking “ewwww EWWWW” (baby for “no thanks”) when the nice firefighter offered a tour of the trucks.  we smiled politely and left. 


maybe next year?

instead we ended up walking on the river trail and watching the skateboarders do scary and dangerous things at the skate park.  good.times.

and there (deep breath) are those updated ta-doos.  i’m off to t-ride for some bluegrass, beer and buddies (but no babies), so i will leave you with this bit of gratuitous cuteness and say; i hope everyone enjoys the sunshine, their families and whatever (children, gardens, words) they may be growing. 

rainbow bear.