the deluge…

by shadymama

this is just one more little slice of brilliance from just one more one-of-a-kind mama out there on the vast internets.  and i love it.  i so love it.  i love it because it seems like a drunken, dewy grat list.  a reminder.  an inky, concentrated meditation on joy.

and i am so in.

a rain list.  it brings to mind a long cool drink, a  glittering pond.  puddles and splashing and breaking waves.  droplets on eyelashes and wet little baby cheeks.  the wonder on the face of a sweet little boy as he revels, glories, in the magic of dashing through a sprinkler on a hot summer day.

oh, the joy.

and, ya know – yes.  life is hard.  there is work and groceries and bill-paying and cranky, sleep-deprived toddlers and too much to do with not enough time and on and on and on.  and yes.  the world is changing and shit is scary, overwhelming – there are wars and oil leaks and processed foods and clueless corporations on and on and on.  but.

i am grateful.

i am grateful.  and there is so much power, i think, in those three words – so much freedom and choice and awareness and beauty, in those three words, that they take my breath away whenver i take (a much too rare) moment to say them out loud.

i am grateful.

 so now i am going to say them out loud, more often.  (trumpets please) new sami ta-doo:

update rain list, joyously, consciously, at least once a day for a year.


here’s the start. 

won’t you join me in being grateful?


rain list  

* the lyric “…because humility has buoyancy and above us, only sky…” by ani difranco  

* the journey i took through a violet.ruby.emerald.lemon starfield when i was in transition while giving birth

* new life, new hope and all the wishes of safety, beauty, joy we have for our babies

* the deep, tingly pull of sinew and muscle when i stretch

* medics and firefighters; their quick response times and their committment to the community

 * homemade batman gear

* words – deep ones, funny ones, true ones

* the deep.breathe.giddy.high at the end of a very long tattoo

* orgasms

* big smiles and sweet vibes from random strangers on the street

* my blue plastic college mug that is *so* insulated, it keeps ice cubes from melting.  all night. so at 2am, when i wake up parched, my water is still frosty cold.

* locally (from all sortsa a different localities (if you can do it like that)) brewed bottles of beer. in the fridge.  or better yet, in my hand

* baby snuggles, kisses and looks of admonishment

* my lover’s total ability to be all nonchalant and funny, making me laugh so hard i can’t breathe

* dark dark fair-trade chocolate

* my family – immediate, chosen, extended and those i have yet to meet

* live music, good friends, summer nights




let it pour.