link mistress…

by shadymama

it has been a busy busy week.  firstly, i fixed the comments.  i have been getting all these emails about how you can’t comment unless yer “logged in” (ok.  fine. four.  four emails.  but still…) so now, now,  anyone can comment.

yes, that means you, mom.

also?  i learned how to do this.  so now, i can be all; go here.  cuz it is funny here.  and then you will (maybe) go, and we will all laugh together.  and, bonus, i feel all techno savvy.  which is a nice feeling.


moving away from all of the (scintillating, i’m sure) bloggy stuff – a little sami ta-doo update, because it’s been a (lot of) minute(s).  that said – the garden.  my first little rows of lettuce and chard did not make it. (insert funeral dirge here).  and it sucked to realize that, because i have been so attentive and loving and hydrating and just plain into my little sprouts and seedlings, that it kind of hurt my feelings that they all went died on me.  and so then, i kind of started to spiral in my head, allowing these two tiny rows of frost shocked greens to determine my own sense of self and ability.  like, i suck and nothing ever works fer me and maybe i just shouldn’t garden at all because obviously i am terrible at it and what’s the point, blah de blah blah blah.

it was really pathetic and not at all fun.

but what’s not pathetic is this – in the middle of my mental rant, i totally totally recognized the utter absurdity of it all.  took a deep breath.  shook it off.  gave thanks i have space to garden to begin with and went to sing a song to my peas and spinach, which are doing faaaabulously, thank you for asking.  also, the lover and i planted new rows of spinach, lettuce and chard and i think they’ll do just fine.  hooray humility.  hooray less self-pity and more gratitude.  hooray life lessons from a garden.

seriously, the garden lessons are turning out to be endless.

as fer the recipe of the week(ish).  In My Defense, i have not been slacking.  much.  and unless you are going to count backwards by the week, we will all pretend i am right on schedule.  all three of these recipes are  like, so SO SO good.

i am not lying.

first recipe, shakshuka.  shakshuka!  not only is it so much fun to say (shakshuka!) it is so much fun to eat, and by fun i mean tasty.  the lover and i whipped this up together on one of our domestic date nights, and the combo of the silky egg (basted to perfection, i might add), spicy tomato sauce and funky feta, along with a warm, bready pita?


i would eat this  like  of my whole life.  always.  and forever.  also – if you have never checked out smitten kitchen before, you should.  the recipes are amazing, simple and yummy, the photographs are gorgeous, and (oftentimes) there are tales of a

smitten indeed.

recipe number two…banana bread muffins!  now.  i have puked through my first trimester, glowed through my second and waddled through my third.  i have birthed a child, breastfed, sung lullabies and changed more poopy diapers than i can count.  however, until i made this banana goodness, i could not say i had truly entered the territory of motherhood. 

call me crazy, but

i totally associate banana bread with mamas.  i dunno.  either way, they were so so good to eat.  i added a bit of cinnamon, traded out most of the white flour for wheat (but used all the butter because i believe in butter like that) and made muffins instead of a loaf (shorter baking time because i was HUNGRY)  and they.were.delectable.  my favorite part was squashing the bananas in a bowl with my hands,

cuz i’m down and dirty like that.

and i’m a Real Mom now.  hooray! 

finally, and this is where you might be really proud of me; eggplant parmesan!  and see how “eggplant parmesan” isn’t a link?  that’s cuz i created the recipe.  from thin air.   all by myself. (eye roll).  but fer real – eggplant, dipped in flour, dipped in egg, dipped in panko crumbs with italian seasonings mixed in and then fried in some oil.  add pasta, sauce and parmesan cheese.  BAM!  i .am. the new Emeril.

ok, kidding.

in all fairness, though, it wasn’t bad.  it was actually pretty scrumptious.  but the best part?  the best part was when we ran out of eggplant, but still had some egg and breadcrumb, and i remembered reading somewhere on the internets (you know i would link to it if i remembered where) that if you have leftovers like that, to mix ’em together, make a patty and fry it up.  yeah, well.  that tidbit of information i prolly would have been better of not.knowing.  two words:

fried anything.

and that, buddies, is the recipe of the week(s)…ish.

finally, two little notes – one joyous, one not so much.  let’s do the not so much first.  this gulf oil spill?  my body aches on its most cellular level for the expansive havoc being wreaked on our very motherest of mothers.  and i want to talk about it.  but maybe not right this second.  which is not very brave, i admit, but it is what it is, so, in the meantime?  i read stuff like this and this and also this, and recommit to spending my energy and time on living a more sustainable lifestyle.  and it makes me feel not so achy.  not so helpless.

so there’s that.

and then also, to end on a note of utter awesomeness…hooray!  mama’s day is so so soon!  look out fer my mama’s day post, comin’ up.  what will you do to celebrate?

whew.  that was a long ‘un.

thanks fer stoppin’ by.