sami ta-doo update…

by shadymama

welp.  sometimes, i actually rock. 

a mama. in her garden.

oh yes.  that is right.  i have  sweet peas, spinach, lettuce and chard for now.  i’m diggin up the tomato bed this week.  squash will come in june.  also an herb garden.  and lots of sunflowers.
hells yes.
also, little confession.  i thought i was going to have to *whisper* fake the garden stuff.  like, sometimes you know how you like the idea of, say…i don’t know – being in love?  so you just hang out with someone date/make love to/move in with someone that you maybe don’t even really like?  just so you could be “in love”?
not that i’ve done that.*
well.  i thought it was kind of gonna be the same with the garden.  i mean, i love…love…lo-oo-ove the idea of growing my own food.  i was just a little scared i wouldn’t so much love the actual doing of it.
damn, was i wrong.
those little kids are onto something.  digging in the dirt is one of the mellowest, entertaining ways one can spend some time.  i love it.  lo-oo-ove it. 


specially if there’s beer involved.  so.  this was on the 10th of april (the day i, incidentally, started my period.  coincidence?  i think NOT.)  and i have watered faithfully and sang little songs and sent good vibes and and guess what?

everything is sprouting!

and good lord it is exciting.  who knew? 

plant veggie garden/herb patch in my backyard

feels pretty good to check that one off the list.

 in other news…tried this recipe  ‘cept, mine didn’t have pumpkin, and yers prolly won’t either because there is a National Pumpkin Shortage.  weird.  but it was still totally amazing without.  and just a quick word here – melted manchego cheese in polenta?  i would sell my soul for thee.  so that was my recipe for the week.  also – i’ve been outta town for a minute, so i let myself off the hook for a recipe this week.  also the dishes are piled up. 

so there’s that.

as fer the Adventure of the Month (which may just have to be it’s own post here in the future); we took the bear on the first camping trip of the season.  i wish i had pictures, but i don’t, because i am a bad mother.  also.  sleeping all of us (me, my lover, the baby) in one tent? 


other than the lack of picturing and sleep, we had a great time out in the desert by some great big sandstone cliffs.  i think the bear’s favorite activity was gathering wood for the pile, for the fire.  with both the words pile and fire sounding exactly alike, causing slight alarm when the bear was like “baby, biii”.  fire?  pile?  baby in the fire?  baby help with wood for the pile?  who knows.   it was nice, though, to be out and about in the desert air and sunshine.  and, it was a total adventure, so i’m off the hook for another month.

as for the compost bin and the marriage proposal.  broke and broke.  no money no compost bin.  no money no ring.

workin’ on it, though. 


*totally done that.