by shadymama

the face of the newly 2

firstly, child, you are two.  TWO!  two with a capital TWO!  and i cannot even believe it.  here is a short little something i wrote fer yer bear head, as you slept, after yer big big birthday day.


*written April 10th, 2010*

gone once more ’round the sun, my son,

you are

my sun; yer fierce bared beauty shines through our snarls, our deep belly laughter.  and the gentle pulse of real that beats steady through  your veins reminds me to hark the higher rhythm of life – the rising moons, the dawn, and most of all

the things that grow.

yer mama loves you always.

happy birthday, nugget.


oh, my love.  and you are such a nugget, a nugget of the fiercest sweetness and most determined big kid shine.  on yer big birthday day we woke up.  bubby came to town to celebrate her grandbaby’s trip around the sun, and we all went out fer yer favorite breakfast of waffles, lots of syrup, and bacon (because you are yer mama’s child, child.)  you were salty and sassy and slightly in love with our waitress, who took yer crank-ass self around the restaurant, chased you through the hallways, brought you crayons and toys, and stood with you at the second story window to scan the streets for motorcycles and trolleys as bubby ate and mama enjoyed an 11am brunch beer, cuz darlin’,

i earned it.

breakfast went well – sticky and salty – and you did throw a minor fit and stab me (accidentally) in the face with a fork, but i was able to just laugh it off (through the tears of OUCH) cuz, guess what, kid?  yer not the only one learnin’ new stuff and, ya know? 

we’re both growin’ up.

 the rest of the day was spent mellowing, cleaning and napping as we awaited the first guests for yer PARTY!  bubby and i dug up a plot fer a veggie garden and we played in the dirt and planted seeds together as you slept.  you woke up just as yer buddies were arriving.  so many people.   yer bestest baby-sitters came, also a new little friend and his mama.  people who’ve been hangin out with yer mama since you were a seed in the belly, and people we’ve just met in the last year of yer life. 

bday boy in arms of badass babysitter with his motley bday crew



you are so loved.

we all parked it in our huge front yard, with sidewalk chalk and toys, and lots and lots of chocolate cake.  the grownups had beer and the kiddos had a blast, and we passed around a very special scrapbook that uncle veevee and tia made you.  and inside the scrap book were strips of construction paper.  and on those strips, each person present wrote a wish for you for yer upcoming year.  and, bear, later that night, hanging out with the grownups, eating pizza after you had banshee-d out yer sugar high and dropped, i sat and read those wishes.   and they were

so so special.

they were wishes for you to always be surrounded by love, for there to be plenty of batman and light in yer life, for you to keep teaching the people around you about joy and delight and fun.   wishes for peace and strength and growth and motorcycles.  wishes for art.  and music.  wishes for dogs and bikes and the color yellow.  and i took those paper-strip wishes, my sweet, and strung them together to make a paper chain of love.  and they hang, now, on yer wall.  just glowing, quietly rustling in the breeze of yer bedroom fan.  just radiating

love love love.


before the paper chain making, before the bedtime that you couldn’t even fight, you were so exhausted, before alla that, was my very favorite part of yer birthday day.  can i tell you?  that very favorite part was after the part while the grownups still lingered and everyone was hanging out, and you were loving the vibes, and all was mellow and smiley and – suddenly – me and you and yer da found ourselves alone in the house.  everyone else out in the yard, chatting and listening to music.  just you and me and da – our funky little family of three in our funky little house, both of which we’ve cobbled out of love and laughter and grumpiness and growth. 

and, child. 

you went CRAZY.   we all went CRAZY, all three of us.  a serious rompin’ throwdown took place, suddenly and without warning, the three of us running around the house, you – naked, mama and da – joyous, throwing ourselves at each other, with chasin, laughing raucous tickling teeth bared straight.up.silliness.

it was so so gorgeous.


day 1


day 365

day 730

happy b-day two year old.