life lists (aka sami ta-doos)…

by shadymama

so.  i been seeing, lately, alla these “bucket lists” (and, yes, i have to put that in quotes cuz that phrase just  like “pet peeve.”  the phrase “pet peeve” is my pet peeve. 

it’s kinda fucked.)

anyway – “bucket list”, life list, major goals list, whatever you want to call it, it’s a phenomenon on the internets lately and  dammit.


a life (bucket/major) list is just a bit too encompassing fer me.  firstly, life is a vast experience spread over (hopefully) a long period of time and trying to list the stuff yer wanting to do before you are no longer living is going to be (again, hopefully) a big.ass.list.  and that big.ass.list will just be made bigger by including alla this (whisper) not so epic stuff and, i dunno.  things might get a little crowded, and, fer me?  when shit gets crowded?  i get Confused, so

– that said. 

i have decided to create a small ass, manageable, immediate ta-doo (sami ta-doo!) list.  of small ass, manageable and immediate things.  things i would like to accomplish to better my life, my loves and the collective reality that i am a part of.  and, ya know, this list is not epic.  it’s not dramatic.  there is no sky-diving, mountain-climbing or deep-sea-exploration.   in fact, this list is prolly stuff that a lotta people do daily, with little to no thought.  but it is my ta-doo, not yers. not yer mom’s. not any other more highly functional individual’s than myself.  yes,  i shall do what i please.  so.  without the ado of the further, here is my

small ass, manageable, immediate ta-doo list*

  • plant a garden/herb patch in my backyard
  • buy the little compostin’ bin from the city
  • ask my lover to marry me
  • try to cook one new recipe a week
  • take my son on one badass adventure a month 

that’s it.  i know.  i am so.effin.boring.  but whatever, cuz i like my little list.  and i think it’s kinda funny lifetime committment is sandwiched between trash and cooking.  here’s to manageability.






*subject to change with or without notice ; valid only OK, international waters and my head; void where prohibited.